_bike project

The MacDowell bikes are a staple of the artist colony. Upon arrival, each artist quickly snatches up a bike located on the grounds that are free and available to use for the duration of the stay. Most of the bikes are great, others not so much. Reason being is there are few places to strore the bikes from the rain. They are in one area under some trees near the main house but they are exposed to the elements, get rained on, have squishy wet seats, and are many times not ridable. So, we devised a bike stand for the bikes using local materials. 

After taking a tour of all the artists' residency houses, we discovered that many of the houses are made of siding that is made from local tree bark in the forest of MacDowell. Its a very long process of picking the right trees with large enough trunks and starting the process in the right season (bark needs a long time to dry). We thought this would be a great way to utilize the local construction methods on site for the bike stand but put our own contemporary twist on the way the bark was placed on the structure. We used Rhino to generate a form that folds down and creates some wind resistance as a cover. We then designed the bark to warp and wrap down to create a fluid pattern on the top of a simple wood structure. 

The bike stand is nestled among the trees and the woodsy atmposphere is complimented by the bark surface of the stand... to the point where the stand almost blends in with its surroundings and is unrecognizable from a distance. Bikes are hidden and protected.