_Dance Laboratory 2

Champaign, IL, 2011 - Dance Laboratory 2 is the second phase to the Graduate Rehearsal Space The space was made possible through a $58,000 grant award from the Student Sustainability Committee at the University of Illinois. The space is a field of undulating surfaces that form a continuous lining attached to the existing walls. The field condition is comprised of individual elements that fold and pull away from the existing walls to create light shelves, access to utilities, and wrap protrusions in the space.   

The new wood walls negotiate between the existing walls and the interior of the space. Thick and thin wood boxes frame views to the outside or reveal electrical outlets behind the wall, while others wrap around structure or delicately brace themselves to the existing walls. Boxes are also used for shelving, seating and desk space. The ceiling of the space registers the grid of the walls. Elements that are seemingly unfolded from the ceiling surface contain LED light strips that regulate the ambient lighting for various uses of the space. More direct lighting provides ample light in the meeting area. This enhances the goal that the space can be used as a hybrid between seminar room, rehearsal and small performance space as well as student lounge.   
_In collaboration with the Dance Department, UIUC, 2010