Brooklyn, NY, 2011 - (f)lowline proposes a responsive, adaptive, strategic approach to the environmental and social reclamation of the Gowanus Canal. This is achieved through the creation of a synthetic infrastructural system comprised of three eco-zones (pleats, pools, and partitions) that are designed and engineered to tackle the complex environmental conditions of the Gowanus, while simultaneously providing a unique public realm for residents and visitors to the area. The (f)lowline strategy is flexible in its ability to take on the challenges of the Gowanus Canal and forceful in its ability to provide a renewed legibility for the canal and its context. Formally and programmatically the design mediates between the often disjunct conditions found between the canal and its surroundings. This hybrid infrastructure fuses the pure function of infrastructure with the adaptive intelligence of ecology in order to create new constructed assemblages, which are socio-culturally and environmentally performative. (In collaboration with Design Intelligence).

_2nd Place, Gowanus Canal Lowline Competition, Brooklyn, NY, 2010
  In collaboration with Landscape Intelligence | Gale Fulton