_FLUidTING Science Fair + Exhibition

‘FLUidTING’ is an installation and exhibition that provokes new meaning in column fluting with the merger of lightweight concrete cladding and a digital fabrication process. We treated the exhibition as a 'science fair' to reveal the process of how the column was designed and built with the Syracuse students. Each of the tables describes the following: 1. Concept Drawings, 2. 3D Printed Inlay, 3. Rubber Urethane Mold, 4. the Concrete Mixture, 5. Resilia Concrete Technology, 6. Concrete Weight Comparison, 7. How to guide to Constructing the Tower

Due to the high strength of new concrete technology and its unique aggregates and additives (provided by Cemex Concrete), our goals were to give the wrapped column a sense of lightness but with repulsively, grotesque-like qualities. The contrasting thinness of the material with the undulating, rep-tile like forms are reminiscent of a de-formed, gnarly grid, similar to the decomposing flutes on the Grande Colonnade d'Apamée in Syria. To rethink the depth of the fluting, we designed the panels to curve in section and create deep, undulating ‘flute gaps’ between each row of panels that accentuate the three-dimensional pattern (see Panel: Concept).


This project would not have been possible without the following support:

School of Architecture, Syracuse University and Dean Michael Speaks

Engineering Department, Syracuse University

Syracuse Center of Excellence (CoE)

Andrew Molloy, SOA Computer Consultant

Chuck Salvage, SOA Computer Consultant

Tim Brower, SOA Workshop Fabrication Manager

Material Sponsor:

Cemex Concrete  (with special thanks to: Alexandre Guerini and Davide Zampini)

Many Thanks to the following Student Contributors:

Matt Dinsmore, Ana Hernandez, Steven O’Hara, Sean Morgan, Apoorva Rao, Yui Kei (Dora) Lo, Nivedita Keshri, Danya Li, Ross Hanson, Chris Autera, Chia An (Mike) Liu