A Buyer’s Guide to Guerilla Garden Schap-ing (pronounced shopping)

In response to the provocation of ‘Land-ing’, we propose the creation of Land-schap-ing - a schap (or shop), for guerilla landscapists of all sorts. The primary goal motivating the Landschap™ is that landscape and ecology have become pursuits that are far too important for the future of the city to leave to architects, landscape architects, and garden designers alone – instead we need to develop greater agency amongst a more informed and enthusiastic citizenry. 

Landschap contributes to this cultivation of landscape agency by ‘shaping the path’ through which citizens, as guerilla gardeners, literally take the matter into their own hands and spread biodiversity and ecological services throughout the city. Land-schap-ing proposes a (landscape) architectural intervention that increases the ecological qualities of the city through the provision of ‘do-it-yourself ecosystems’ that proliferate throughout the City of Lausanne. The proposal would expand the potential field of 25 sites for the competition to a broad range of urban ‘sites’ - or as we call them - ‘Landing-Zones’ in which the Guerilla Garden Corp. (citizens) would colonize and catalyze. 

_HOW IT’S DONE: At the Landschap, each visitor walks the ‘aisles’ for their favorite, locally diverse ‘landscape’. The structure is conceived as an insert or module similar to that used by a supermarket intending to showcase a new product. In this case, the insert will contain geotextile-housed seeds which have been organized into multiple formal and ecological configurations in order to thrive in a wide array of urban conditions while simultaneously providing flora for pollinators such as bees and butterflies.  

Upon entering the ‘schap’, visitors grab a ‘PICK-YOUR-PARK: A Buyer’s Guide to Guerilla-Garden Schap-ing’ containing information about the different garden options available on the shelves. Each shelf is comprised of multiple, color-coded, ecotypes which also contribute to the overall material effects of the architecture since it results in a mosaic pattern of colors. Visitors can mix and match various products to meet their unique urban ecology requirements. Passive garden spectators emerge from the Landschap as active guerilla gardeners and the stage is set for an ecological recolonization of the Lausanne metro area! The guerilla-gardens proliferate the city’s public parks or suburban front lawns and the landscape of Lausanne expands. 

‘LAND-ING’ is accomplished through LAND-SCHAP-ING as new landscapes spring up across the city!

_Lausanne, Switzerland Jardin 'LANDING' Competition, 2013