_Up-Lift House

The approach to a more sustainable lifestyle is to reduce your ecological footprint through more efficient living. The UP[LIFT] house addresses environmental impact with three solutions: condensed living, flexibility, and unconventional reuse of standard elements to passively heat and cool the house.

The UP[LIFT] house is a prefabricated modular system that maximizes 5 components to produce a cost and energy efficient building: 1. prefabricated precast elevator shafts, 2. precast hollow core concrete slabs, 3. courtyard for ventilation, 4. modular wall system, and 5. reflective roofing with solar water collectors.

The UP[LIFT] house is highly flexible due to its use of modular elements. The elevator shafts and hollow core slabs adapt to various site constraints and user needs. The house is built on standard eight foot slab modules and the shafts are reduced to the minimum necessary to distribute load. The UP[LIFT] house maximizes the use of a courtyard for the hot climate of Houston. The main floor slab is raised two feet above ground so air can travel under the house and through the courtyard. In essence this creates a Venturi effect by forming a funnel for hot air to escape and keep the building cool. The interior is naturally ventilated; allowing warm air to escape through upper windows facing the courtyard. A white, reflective flat roof is applied to considerably reduce heat gain.

_99k House Competition, Houston, TX, 2008