_Shifted Ground

The competition brief called for market rate housing and a warehouse for a workshop for the disabled to make things to sell in the community. First, we decided to bring the workshop to the street edge to have a more public connection to the urban edge. We wanted make the workshops more visible within the facility and connect to the public programs within the building - the shop, bookstore, and cafeteria.  To encourage accessibility and interaction, a visable ramp cuts through the center of the building and shifts the public ground plane to every level and finally the public roof garden. The ramps are programmed and expand for moments of pause; to either sit or gather and talk to others.  The ramp terminates on both the street and back side of the building to reveal itself and capture expanded views of the city and the landscape beyond the building. 

The market rate housing serves as the backdrop to the workshop. Each of the four buildings rest on a shifted ground to let light into the parking below grade. The units are designed to have cross ventilation and cross views with an open floor plan and windows on at least two sides. 

_8th Place, Workshop for the Disabled + Housing Competition, Lenzburg, Switzerland, 2006