SHORE[LINER] is the proposal for the Helsinki South Harbour Competition. The proposal establishes Helsinki as the central node of the green region. To reinforce the city’s ‘Green Fingers’ strategy as the backbone of the greenway system, SHORE[LINER] reconnects the region by shifting much of the current harbour program below grade, such as parking, to establish the shoreline of Helsinki as a public space. An early diagram of the city grid colliding with the natural topography because the overall structure of the thickened territory of South Harbor. The grid extends multiple layers down, becoming a structural sponge that soaks up water during flood season.

SHORE[LINER] utilizes multiple strategies to not only remedy yearly flooding of the harbour but also serve as a new public park for the city. To remedy floods and storm surges, the harbour becomes a thickened infrastructural LINER that performs as an underground water retention system. The plaza surface is a series of porous pools connected to a larger underbelly retention system that spans the entire inner lining of the harbor. The Helsinki harbour is also seen as a public ecological corridor for the region. SHORE[LINER] also provides new bird watching towers that can serve as a rest stop for the arctic water fowls, divers, and wader species migrating over Helsinki every year.
The transformed grid of the plaza is shrunk to the scale of the tectonic readability of the project. The grid is extended vertically to create a sponge-like membrane that soaks up water but also serves as a structural logic for the underground column grid and walkable surfaces above. The structure holds water pools above ground and the basins below ground to store floodwater during heavy storms. Once water subsides, it is released back into the harbour. On a regular day, the pools are simply dry and usable as public space, recreation, amphitheaters, resting spots, etc.
_Helsinki South Harbour Competition, 2011