_Solothurn Trade School

The prompt was to expand the trade school on an existing campus near the waterfront of Solothurn. We were interested in defining the street edge again with a more urban proposal that fills out the corner of the site. The new building forms a new front towards the street and defines the relationship between the schools park and the street. The plaza in the courtyard wraps up into the building via a long stair / bike rack that students can hang out on in off hours. The students take the stair up to the second level, bypassing the administration office on the ground level.  The rooftop terrace is also accessible on second level so students can spill out onto a roof deck for lunch and time between classes. 

The new volume includes class rooms as well as workshops and administrative offices. The classroom levels had two primary functions. The classroom space and the social space. Each level has a student lounge that fills out corners of the floor to create a more flexible area that students can congregate in. The facade is a modular system that creates a more dynamic exterior with varying sizes of windows and apertures. The pattern for the facade translate to paving in the plaza and roof top terrace. 

_Trade School Competition, Solothurn, Switzerland, 2009