_Thinness Pavilion 1.0

Thinness Pavilion is the design and fabrication for a temporary 10’ x 10’ structure with 1CM thin walls that serves as a testing ground for research on the interdependencies between processes of fabrication and architectural expression in high density, prefabricated, “thin” concrete construction. The goal is to develop a structural system that consists of lightweight, thin shell, prefabricated concrete elements. The elements are being developed together with Cemex concrete. While concrete mixtures have become increasingly sophisticated and allow for applications that require extreme durability, strength and ingenuity, the development of prefabricated structural and constructive elements has yet to take full advantage of the potential of these new ultra high performance concretes mixtures (UHPC). The small scale of the proposed structure, as well as its complex structural geometry, offer an ideal basis to test out new fabrication and construction methods and their resulting architectural expression. 

We are currently in the testing phase and producing mock-ups at Cemex. They are building formwork and testing the capacities of the material with our design intentions. Structual diagrams were used as guides to determine stress load on the pieces when they are picked up, rotated and moved. The diagrams dictated where the walls get slightly thicker to withstand any forces put on the surface of the walls. We used a parametric script to determine location of 'thick' to 'thin' areas in each piece. 

Research Assistants: Sean Morgan (M.Arch) and Ethan Schafer (Engineering)