The entry was for a Creative Award in the ANCI International Italian Shoe Display Competition entitled: ‘Out of the Box’ in Milan, Italy this fall 2010. The call of the competition asked to reinvent merchandise display for the Italian National Shoe-Manufacturer Association. 

WALK-[IN]G SHOP is a radically new approach to shipping and displaying merchandise. From the assembly line, shoe boxes are inserted into modular panels, which are stacked on euro pallets and shipped to destinations around the world. This seamless shift from shipping to assembly enables the construction of a structure to meet the needs of the location. Once on site, these modular panels become the building components and are easily assembled using interlocking connections. 

Cameras are placed at the bottom of each display tower to capture the everyday shoes of local shoppers. All video feed is then shown on all Walk-[in]g Shop towers. The outward face of the panels displays the shoes of those walking in other cities. Italian shoes are displayed among the everyday shoes in framed voids within the paneling system. Walk-[in]g Shop serves as communication to all consumers and serves as a dialog between the consumer and the product.

_2nd Place, ANCI Italian Shoe Competition, Milan, Italy, 2010
  In collaboration with Liron Cohen