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Machine of Nature_2019

Second Year Studio


Machine of Nature - Sink or Swim?

The scenario is it’s 2100. It will probably get worse before it gets better. Sea levels are rising, climate change has dramatically affected the way we live and the environment and the earth’s atmosphere is not what it once was 30 years prior. The world has evolved completely into the official Anthropocene Era, designated as the time of predominant influence of humans on the earth. The Anthropocene is synonymous with global changes, erosion of biodiversity, acceleration in resource degradation, such as fossil fuels, forests, air and water pollution, bio diversity, and extinction, atmospheric C02 concentration and annual storm events, just to name a few – all very real and rising.

What is the future 22nd century urban green space? How do we design for the future? Are you the protagonists or the antagonists of the environment?

Scenario A - The Protagonists of the Environment
In 2100, have we survived the environmental hurdle of climate disaster? Did we do enough to turn the ship around? How much have sea levels risen? Are the public greenspaces protecting the city from being flooded? Is the earth much, much colder or warmer on average? Is the atmosphere recovering? And if so, what did we do to protect it? Did we find a solution to harness and keep the air and water clean? Have new technologies, low or high, aided in improving the enviornment in a productive and spatial way?

Scenario B - The Antagonists of the Environment
Or in 2100, is our site the last piece of healthy green space remaining in the northern hemisphere? Is it an Oasis or retreat from a city marked by years of degradation? How are we preserving and protecting the spaces inside from the environment around us? How do we protect the spaces from further deterioration? What is the air quality like? Is the city filled with smog? Are we filtering it? What is the water like? Is it contaminated, are we harvesting it for energy and filtering it for future use?

Student Names:

Ziyi Zhou, Cheng Liu, Shelby A Ward, Janani Suriyanarayanan, Lainey Marra, Zachary Kobi, Amina Kikaya, Junzhi DJ Deng, Fernando Claudio, Daria Agapitova

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