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Machine of Nature_2022

Second Year Studio


Design a Machine of Nature - To Regenerate Local Ecosystems in the wake of Climate Change

A speculative vessel that becomes a productive machine based on site research, readings, and how drones perform. Students investigated a material to find formal relationships to the text on Delanda’s Matter Matters and what the machine does to regenerate at least one or more local ecosystems. Three stages for drone movement should be considered: storing, transporting, departure/return.

Does your machine capture, clean, or rejuvenate a degraded natural resource? Does it protect, absorb, displace, or resist a constant weather pattern? Does the machine alter, soak up, or gain energy for the drone so it can travel long distances? What material and method of making best reflects one of these attributes?

Aggregate one material or one element to show density. Students were encouraged to experiment with a unique material (rockite, concrete, wire, metals, sand, plastic, clay, soap, foam insulation, sponge) and/or technique of making (casting, spraying, pouring, burning, folding, pulling, stretching, carving, puncturing...).

Student Names:

Isa Restrepo, Zeyu Yao, Shannon Grech, Jade Cyrus, Sara Yu An Lin, Huilin Wu, Akshara Raman, TJ Farley, Becky Goetzke, Gaem Sansiri Saensopa, Ching-Hsing Johnny Chan, Aryan Ambani, Teddy Dokla, Ali Martinez

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