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Earth Choreographer_2020



Earth choreographer: Remediating Obsolete Grounds of the Future

Earth Choreographer is a design methodology that focuses on choreographing and reconfiguring the landscape of an obsolete oil field by constantly scoring, manipulating, and deterritorializing through human and non-human agencies in coordination and conjunction with the needs of its occupiers.

The thesis explores the imperatives and opportunities in remediation and repurposing of obsolete industrial sites. The primary goal is to choreograph possible scenarios in a soon to be obsolete oil field that demonstrates the potential of radically remediating and reprogramming over a period of decades. Earth Choreographer explores a design process that recognizes the ruination of the ground and the landscape.

By acknowledging the evolving technologies and ever-increasing preoccupation with natural resources, this thesis raises the following questions:

- What happens when a landscape that is productive is sought to be both partially preserved and recreated?

- The reconfiguration of the landscape by machines will constantly change the boundaries of the spaces that the human and non-human occupy. How do we represent a ground plane that is constantly reconfigured?

- What does a site that constantly erases and reconstructs itself look like?

(text by: Irmak Turanli and Anna Korneeva)
thesis advisors: Julie Larsen, Britt Eversole, Sinead MacNamara

Student Names:

Irmak Turanli and Anna Korneeva

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