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Doomsday Living Archive_2020

Second Year Studio


The Living Archive is located where a vessel has docked at a port, somewhere in the world and is dropping off tourists, scientists and farmers - 100 years into the future. They have landed at the ‘Doomsday Archive + Frozen Zoo Consortium.’ The Living Archive has survived serious threats to the environment it’s located in (rising sea levels, flooding, global warming, among others) while aiming to protect the precious resources within it. Each group will design their own living archive (or ‘storage vault’), to protect natural resources and local animal species. The archive will be accompanied by drone assistance.

The vault secures duplicates of all collections in a global facility and provides an insurance policy for the world’s food supply. Your archive+frozen zoo consortium (or vault) will be located somewhere in the world to provide duplication (back-ups) to the Svalbard Vault and increase the world safety net with over 10,000 (species/resources) protected in the storage facility. Farmers from around the globe will travel to your archive to deposit and study precious resources and live species, from the country of origin as insurance for the world’s resources. The goal is to provide a safe and secure environment for the storing and protection of natural resources + local species in a particular region from now till at least 100 years into the future. In limited quantity, a portion of the archive will to be on display for tourists to peruse the facility.

Student Names:

Yaqi (Ariela) Zhang, Wenting Feng, Lauren Mclean, Chenhao (Leo) Luo, Yian (Ian) Liu Samuel Langer, Nicolas Ladino, Deqiang (Josh) Huang, Miles Forminard, Ellie Derwenskus, Georgia Currie, Victoria Chiu

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