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Constructing Ecological Urbanism_2021

Graduate Studio


Ecological Urbanism: Performance vs Play, Co-taught with David Shanks

As environmental threats are being engaged by the natural and social sciences, the role of architecture and design in understanding the effect of climate change on culture, society is coming to the fore. Architecture must begin to play a vital role in fostering social awareness and resilient decision-making, as environmental concerns are cultural and aesthetic problems as much as technological and material ones.

The City of Boston has established extensive initiatives to combat climate change and launched Climate Ready Boston to help Boston plan for the impacts of climate change and build a resilient future. The site is located in the Boston Harbor and part of the Climate Ready East Boston Plan and serves two purposes to combat climate change with coastal resilient solutions. The drydock of the site is adjacent to the EBNHC Wellness Garden and two existing buildings (one of which is an industrial building and the other houses the Atlantic Works Gallery and Shining Star Daycare). While each group’s design proposal will have to contend with large-scale, natural disasters (potential storm surges, future sea level rise), students will be asked to respond to local and seasonal responses (annual flooding, heat island effects, etc.) that need to be addressed but can enhance the overall experience of the design. Students are expected to respond to the existing buildings on site as well as determining a ‘resilient’ landscape strategy with adjacent parcels.

Student Names:

Rameesa Ahmed, Michael Aiardo, Emily Collins, Sean Culligan, Ashley Feyes, Supreetha Guntur, Wenqian He, Robert Helbock, Onkar Joshi, Meaghan Kelly, Abigail Korn, Mackenzie Lubin, Tiffany Ng, Morgan Noone, Austin Pena, Hong Joon Shin, Congshuo Zhang, Ziwei

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