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(F)lowline proposes a responsive, and adaptive strategy to the environmental and social reclamation of the Gowanus Canal in Brooklyn, NY. This is achieved through the creation of a synthetic infrastructural system of surfaces comprised of three types of ‘eco-zone’ elements. The field of elements – colloquially labeled as pleats, pools, and partitions – are a study of ground and wall elements designed and engineered to tackle the complex environmental conditions of the Gowanus, while simultaneously providing a unique public realm for residents and visitors to the area.

(F)lowline is phased through a reclamation process of dredging the base of the canal and implementing a series of tactical insertions over time. Dredged material is moved to the ‘pleat’ parks and capped with wood chips that soak up contaminates in storm water run-off. Surface wall partitions define a buffer between public space and industry while aiding in the detoxification and aeration of canal water.

Water is pumped onto the wall to oxygenate and cleanse the water with phyto-remediative plantings. The wall creates a visual barrier while serving as a vertical storage device to offset private land forfeited for the public space on the canal.

Project Credits

Publications (print and online)
2012 LW (Landscape World) Magazine,
Gowanus Canal Competition Results

2011 SET Gallery, Gowanus Lowline Exhibition Brooklyn, New York

Landscape Architecture: Prof. Gale Fulton

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