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[BIO]Mass Production



[BIO]MASS Production pavilion received 3rd place in the 10UP Competition in Atlanta Georgia.

Project Description:
Today, many North American cities can be described as ‘thin carpets of habitation’ held together by a ‘green’ matrix. This is the way Rem Koolhaas famously described Atlanta – more akin to a landscape than a classical city – identifying infrastructure and vegetation as its primary ‘contextual givens’. Rooted in this ecological understanding of the contemporary metropolis, this project proposes an architectural intervention that increases biodiversity in the area through the creation of ‘do-it-yourself ecosystems.’ Utilizing a technology that is underutilized – seed impregnated, bio-blankets – expands the geography and efficacy of the architectural object/project through the popular lifestyle pursuits of shopping and gardening.

Landscape Architecture: Prof. Gale Fulton

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