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[In]voluntary Prisoners of Climate Change



The project - [In]voluntary Prisoners of Climate Change - works with various local consequences of climate change in order to project a radically reconfigured metropolitan condition – the URBAN CANOPY – in Chicago. Chicago’s storm events cause aging storm-water infrastructure to merge with sanitary sewers and, subsequently, raw sewage flows into Lake Michigan. The expected increase of storm events suggests a need for a new approach to storm-water management in the city. This design method retains rainwater from above and provides extra storage for the existing storm-water system below. Air rights above Right of Ways and Boulevards become an occupiable territory of habitation for people and local species.

Student Interns: Rosie Kotelova, Alvaro Luna,
Danny Duong, Jasmine Lee

Publications (print and online)
2012 LW (Landscape World) Magazine,
Network Reset Competition Results
2011 MAS Context: Network, Issue 9, Spring

Landscape Architecture: Prof. Gale Fulton

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