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Dance Space 1



Dance Space 1 was made possible by the reuse of old basketball court flooring. After building the new dance floor, the remnants of the flooring were used to reconfigure new wood fabric wall systems made from chopped wood flooring. The aggregation of many pieces informed two new objects in the space that in turn become a new territory or field condition in the space for the dancers to inhabit and use in inventive ways.

To ensure an even wall surface towards the dance space, a jig was made to ensure that all pieces were drilled with the same distance to one cutting plane. This method allowed for tolerances of imprecise cuts, utilizing damaged wood for the wall, as well as integrating the end pieces cut from wood squared off for the dance floor. The pieces were strung together on music wire and hung into place.

Project Credits

Student contribution:
Seminar class at Univ. of Illinois

Photo Credits: Wallo Villacorta

2008 Univ. of Illinois Research Board Award: $12,455

Publications (print and online)
2017 Book chapter of Dance Space (Author: Weinstein)
‘Performing Architectures: Projects, Practices,
Pedagogies’. (Editors: A. Filmer and J. Rufford)
2010 Newswise, Jan. 17
2010 News Gazette, Dec. 12
2009 Pivot, Issue 24
2009 News Gazette May 16

Conference Proceedings
2013 Reclaim + Remake Symposium, Washington DC
2011 Academic Chairpersons Conference, Orlando, Fl.
2009 Local Intelligence Symposium, Beckman Institute
Requalifying Old Places for New Uses

Dance Department at UIUC

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