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The Kinmen Gateway terminal is an investigation of ground and roof structure. The terminal is an ideal typology to explore ways to be formally investigate the relationship of ground to roof through various territorial surfaces that react to the environment and alter the experience and performance of the building. The simultaneous exploration of form and aggregated surface created productive overlaps of contrasting elements. Throughout the site, aggregate surfaces are constructed with pervious paving material. Eyelet bio-swales located in-between parking areas control water run-off into the bay.

The site ties back into the building with eyelet courtyards. These aggregations create voids in the building and in the site to soak up and capture rain and storm water and uses it for grey water in the building.

The roof surface forms high vaulted spaces with small punctures to naturally ventilate heat and exhaust from the roof. The sloping surface directs the water to the courtyards to keep the spaces cool throughout the year and to collect as much rain as possible.

Project Credits

Student Interns:
Joe Wood, Ran Yue

Publications (print and online)

2014 Bustler Feb 18
2014 Architecture Lab Feb. 13

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