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MacDowell Bikes



In 2011, we had an opportunity to be residents at the infamous MacDowell Colony and be a part of the wonderful organization for 6 weeks. We immersed ourselves in the unique experience of macdowell, meeting amazing and talented artists, writers, and designers that we still are in contact with today. We will never experience anything quite like it - from the picnic baskets at lunch time, to walking the grounds and seeing the amazing vernacular, to riding our bikes every morning before breakfast from the Red barn where we worked to the main cabin.

One of the days we toured the grounds and learned about some of the original techniques of fabricating the siding for some of the buildings. When we decided to come up with a design for a bike stand, we decided to use some of the siding techniques we learned about to fuse the stand with the local architectural techniques. The wood siding is just taken as bark from the trees and laid out to dry. We then use the warped quality of the pieces to generate an organic surface for the roof shed. Along with the shingles, the overall form undulates to create a movement through the trees. We hoped in 20 years we could come back to then ride our bikes and drop them off under the bike canopy so this time, they wouldn't get wet during breakfast.

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