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Mouse House



The ‘Mouse House’ is part of a series of “play-follies” along nature trail for the Jowonio Primary School, a not-for-profit pre-school, serving young children with special needs. The Project straddled between my own research and teaching and served to find and test new fabrication methods rooted in conventional concrete construction technologies. The contradicting methods of the form-work between the digitally fabricated outside and straw and clay based analog inside offers an insight into how construction can participate in the complexity of today’s tension between the built environment and its surrounding ecologies. In many ways, concrete is a material of contrasts: liquid and solid, continuous and modular, massive and filigree. The mouse house process of construction reflects this contrast. The pavilion is generated from the merging of ‘analog methods’ of construction with new fabrication techniques using water jet cutting. The project generates new architectural expressions that question the omnipresent digital fabrication approach to pavilions by challenging typical concrete design and construction methods.

Structural Engineering: Prof. Sinead Mac Namara

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