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NOSeY shop brings new meaning to window shopping or as we like to call it - ‘snooping around’. The proposal challenges the eyeglass display experience by redefining the function of a classic material - fabric. Taking cues from the evolving and innovative lines of LINDA FARROW eyewear, the display becomes as unique of a fashion statement as the eyewear themselves.

Using primarily fabric as the finish material, the display walls are sculpted to form individual and unique displays for each pair of glasses on what we coined the (Groucho throw-back) - NOSeY display. The abstracted Groucho Marks nose, as a vintage icon, is replicated 100s of times to generate a new, 21st century display for eyewear.

Each display unit consists of a ‘nose’ for each special pair of glasses to rest on. The entire array of ‘noses’ form a cutting-edge pattern across each interior and exterior facades.

The sophisticated, computer generated surfaces lining the interior and exterior of the container are designed from the latest 3D software and fabrication technology. There are five surfaces covered in fabric - two exterior and three interior (including the ceiling) to create a ‘thick’ poche of wall display space. The identity to the out-side is very evident as interior vs. exterior begins to dissolve. The interior finishes include the display walls, counter and seating to view yourself with the eyewear. Ideally, glass panels would be added to the short sides of the containers to visually create distinct voids at the end of the space.

The NOSeY modules will be cut using CNC Milling technology to formulate the complex patterns on each facade. The modules will be assembled off-site and brought to the container in 10-20’ increments. They will be attached and installed in horizontal strips for feasibility to shift into place. The fabric will be attached as each horizontal strip is installed for ease of accessibility to the container. The fabric will be pulled taut to the framing using cables, alligator clips, and tacks.

The interior will be built similarly to the exterior with additional finishes for the flooring, seating, and counter. The flooring will be CNC milled to match the con-tours and undulations in the ceiling. The counter and seat will be made of painted panels. Two interior partitions expand floor to ceiling and are continuous displays to direct the interior movement. The two larger walls run the length of the container and display most of the glasses. Small seats and mirrors will be provided to see how you look in your new LINDA FARROW eyewear!

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