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Orbiting is the entry for the 2017 Toronto Icebreakers - Constellations


Orbiting takes the notion of ‘icebreaker’ to a ‘360 DEGREE EXPERIENCE’ . Visitors can view the sky constellations from inside the pavilion with one privileged view or they can sit down outside on the station, gaze up, and take in the night sky from 360 possible views. Located on the HTO Park (location 3), the park offers a free and open space to experience the pavilion in the round by night or day, where visitors can observe not only the night sky constellations but the social ‘constellations’ and conversations happening around them.

The stacking method of wood elements gradually twist towards the sky - a formal gesture to the ‘360 degree experience’ - that pulls people around for a plethora seats and views to the sky. It is a place to contemplate inside on the platform or sit and chat with fellow visitors (a type of social ‘icebreaker’!).

The assembly is comprised of larger wood elements at the bottom that progressively get smaller towards the top. A wood platform is a few feet off the ground for viewing the center space. The location of each twisting element is inscribed with a set of patterns for ease of construction and assembly.

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