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Stalactite investigates object and territory as an aggregation of parts to generate the overall form. The formal and structural notion of ‘Stalactite’ is a type of formation that hangs from the ceiling of caves and structurally holds itself in place. The relationship between the object and the structural aggregation is in the 9 stalactite columns and the ‘translucent’ corrugated cardboard that is stacked and aggregated to the top to illuminate the skin at night.

The stalactites become the generator with four significant forms stretching down. The construct was designed to take a 3D computational model into reality with a partiuclar material - cardboard - driving the overall aesthetic of the design.

Project Credits

Publications (print and online)
2015 Bustler. Nov. 2, “From cardboard to concrete:
APTUM’s former “Stalactite” prototype
2013 Archinect. Dec. 6
2013 Bustler. Dec. 6
2013 Trendhunter. Dec. 7

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