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THINNESS 1.0 is the first iteration in succeeding with casting extremely thin concrete.

The project aim asked the question - is being ‘thin’ something we created or just inherited? Are we fascinated with thinness or are we just forced to like it and actually fantasize about something thicker or more volumetric?

THINNESS is a 10’x10’x10’ pavilion is comprised of 16 elements made of only 2-centimeter-thick walls. The mobile pavilion hybridizes structure and surface to become radically thin and light with the application of high-strength, lightweight concrete to create a new approach to being ‘thin’ yet volumetric and spatial. Using advanced digital design and fabrication techniques, the pavilion aims to defy the typical perception of concrete as a heavy and solid material to become mobile, light and transparent. Using high-performance, lightweight concrete to optimize the structure, surface, and materiality, the pavilion searches for a new perception of concrete where architectural poche becomes extremely thin, light and transparent. The following work demonstrates the methodology, potential impact on the building industry, and ways the project aims to advance both the aesthetic, economic and cultural value of architecture through experimentation and speculation with new materials.

Research Partner: CEMEX Global R&D

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